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5S is a set of 5 disciplines for maintaining cleanliness and standardization in the workplace. These are the part of Kaizen, a concept of continual improvement and a component of "Lean Manufacturing". 5S is the primary step for improving the activities to ensure your company’s survival in competitive market place. .
The 5 disciplines (5S) are known as the "pillars" of our company and these are:
1. SORT - Eliminate all items from the workplace that are not frequently used. Keep only the important items.
a) Goal quality defects, obsolete materials, not required tools / equipments..
b) Use red tags, local and central red tag holding areas; Account for discarded items. 
c) Take before and after pictures.
2. SET IN ORDER - Organize and arrange required items so that they are easy to identify, use and put away.
a) Always follow motion economy. 
b) Use easy-to-understand labels & signs, outlining, painting, and signboard strategies as these are considered as Visual disciplines.
3. SHINE - Sweeping of machines, tools, equipments, painting and supplies you work with, assure everything clean in the workplace.
a) At the first instance, recognize strategic painting plan for 5S. 
b) At second step, make a cleaning inspection list. 
c) At third step, make future sweep targets.
4. STANDARDIZE - Strategy to simplify and standardize the first three steps in 5S program.
a) Securing instances for clutter-suspension, deletion, incorporation. 
b) Integration of 3 duties into regular work with 5S job cycle charts, 5 minute 5S, visual 5S activities.
5.SUSTAIN - The last step is to continue training and maintaining the standards. Make the possible conditions to support the disciplines.
a) Adjust to accommodate the changes in the standards
b) Provide training 
c) Give rewards and recognition 
d) Make proper procedures 
e) Monitor the results of 5S program 
A 5 S program helps in focusing on maintaining cleanliness and standardization of an organization. These programs result in more efficient, productive, safety, profitability and quality service. A 5 S program gives a lot of benefits to all types of business like manufacturing and industrial plants, that can realize the biggest benefits. Any type of business will realize all the benefits from implementing 5S program.
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